Who Killed Tracy Twyman?*

"I don't trust Sean, he is one of them" - Tracy Twyman

The Question that had been running amok around and around to be answered: Who Killed Tracy Twyman?

Who Killed Tracy Twyman


Agent #002: Nurse Lee Taylor of Boise Idaho
Agent #001: Sean Bryan Alger

"that somebody was her friend that turned... this was somebody she knew that this, okay, and somebody was posing as a husband and wife is what I was getting.."

"She was kind of struck by somebody she felt was a friend of hers so this is a betrayal on a total level.

Hollywood crowd Diva & Psychic, Sloan Bella and channeling Tracy R. Twyman on July 18th 2019 

"I'll end in whimsy and say I've found this beautifully talented and strangely erotic man.." - S.B. Alger (Sean Bryan Alger)

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